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Our restaurant serves hygienic& standardised menu items in a quick-serve style at different locations. Our restaurant specialises in offering quality foods.

Hygiene, pricing, and customer loyalty are key values practised by our staff at all outlets, distinguishing us from nearby restaurants.

  • Reserve your table at Localdine and rest assured that you will have one of the best cuisine of your life.
  • We know that delectable food is the soul of every event and aim to offer you the best food and the widest variety for your special events.
  • We now deliver to you in the comfort of your place. Food that you will want to relish immediately, delivered to your doorstep as quick as possible.

You can also save money on your food orders by using the coupons, we occasionally offers to new and existing customers and speedy delivery service, every order placed using the mobile is going to bring in home delivery of happiness and pure satisfaction

Why choose Our Restaurant

The most appealing and well-known restaurants in the region, with a plethora of appealing features associated with it.


Localdine Recipes

Many of the dishes served by the restaurant are of the best quality in flavour and nutrition. Furthermore, a diverse menu of dishes is available, ranging from local favorites to international cuisine


Professional Chef

Our experienced Chief provides you with a wide range of options. They will serve you delectable dishes that you will undoubtedly enjoy. can tell them what you like and dislike.


Excellent Services

Localdine offers exceptional service, including home delivery and table reservations. The food is delivered promptly and in good condition.

Check our Specials

Signature dishes and provincial recipes that are inspired by the destination, including dishes that showcase some of the finest seasonal ingredients of the area.

Makki di Roti

Makki di Roti is a corn meal Indian bread that tastes fabulous with ‘Sarsonsaag’ – mustard green and a glass of lassi.

The dish is regarded as the traditional way to prepare saag and is usually served with makki di roti literally (unleavened cornbread). It can be topped with either Makkhan (unprocessed white butter or processed yellow butter) or more traditionally with ghee.


Khar is a completely off beat dish prepared out of the unusual combination of red rice, beaten pulses and raw papaya along with traditional Assamese spices.

Khar (alkali) is synonymous with Assamese cuisine. Essentially, it is an exotic liquid strained from sun-dried banana skin and cooked with a seasonal vegetable like papaya(omita), water gourd (panilau)or mustard greens (laihaak).

Chicken Stew and Appam

This stunning dish comes straight from the hidden treasures of God's own country, Kerala.

Chicken stew is a popular dish there as a traditional Easter dish and specially among the Christian families for breakfast or brunch. Chunks of chicken bathed in a beautifully spiced and dreamy coconut gravy with soft-centered appams, a southern-style rice pancake.


A popular Gujarati snack, Dhokla is a steamed cake made from gram flour and channa dal is one of the best things to come out of Gujarat.

You can serve dhokla for breakfast as well as a light snack in the evening along with a cup of tea. A recipe that is steamed and made in just 30 minutes, using besan with a colorful, chili tempering is sure to set your taste buds racing!

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is an aromatic lamb dish with flavors of browned onions, various spices and yoghurt.

It is usually served with steamed rice and consists of pieces of lamb or mutton braised with gravy flavored with garlic, ginger and aromatic spices (cloves, bay leaves, cardamom, and cinnamon).

Organize Your Events in our Restaurant

Birthday Parties


We will work with you to satisfy your expectations and make specific arrangements for your party. If you are planning in advance, we can provide you with menu choices, re-arrange the tables, order a cake, etc.

  • Pick up flowers and arrange if applicable
  • Print out gift tracker
  • Practice polite “thank-yous” with birthday boy/girl

We offer a wide range of balloon decorations for Birthday Parties. We can design the balloon themes as per your choice, colours and requirements.

Private Parties


Get the whole restaurant to yourself for your unique day! For big gatherings, such as wedding receptions, Bridal Showers, and so on, we shut the restaurant depending on the number of guests attending. There will be a charge for the space.

  • Inflate and arrange balloons early in the morning
  • Set up flower arrangements and other last-minute decorations
  • Finesse final set-up. Turn on the music and party lights

You can order a plated meal, a family style dinner, a buffet, or work with the General Manager to customise the menu and beverage choices

Custom Parties


We will work with you to create a personalised menu for your event/occasion based on your budget and food preferences. Speak with the planner about planning the party exactly as you like it.

  • Purchase any last-minute party supplies and equipment
  • Organize and stage activity set-up(s)
  • Confirm services with any entertainers

We will provide you with a variety of family-style choices, such as a buffet appetiser and a sit-down meal, among other things. There are a plethora of choices to fit every occasion

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